Change iOS 16-17 Email Settings

The purpose of this page is to describe how to change the settings on an iOS 16 device previously set up with OlympusNet email using Setup iOS 16-17 Email.

Use these instructions if a password has been changed, or if there were errors during the setup of the device. The most common cause of errors are typos in the email address, host name, or email password. These instructions will help you correct those errors.

The instructions below are for an iPhone using IMAP and work for iPads as well.

Domain customers use wherever appears in the screenshots.

  1. Select the Settings icon on the Home screen, then select Mail.

  2. Select Accounts. In the Accounts dialog box, select your existing OlympusNet mail account. The Description may be Olympus. Then select your email address.

  3. If the device reports an error, in the Account dialog box check that the entries in the Incoming Mail Server field are correct.
    If there are no typos in the Host Name or User Name fields, the password is likely incorrect. Retype it.

    Host Name for
    Host Name for
    User Name is the full email address.

  4. To get to the Outgoing Mail Server settings, scroll down to select SMTP.

  5. In the dialog box titled SMTP, under Primary Server select

  6. In the dialog box titled, check that the Host Name and User Name contain no typos. If none are apparent, the error is likely with the password. Retype it then select OK or Save. Important: the email address and password are not optional, even if the word Optional appears in a field. Enter the same data in all three fields as before in the Incoming server settings.
  7. Use SSL should be enabled (green).
  8. Authentication should show the word Password beside it. If it doesn’t, select the arrow and choose Password from the list of options.
  9. The Server Port should be 587.
  10. Select Done in the upper-right corner when finished.

  11. If the verification was successful, a dialog box titled IMAP appears showing that the device is set up for IMAP with Mail enabled.
    Be sure to select Save to save the settings you’ve entered. (Occasionally the device may not show this dialog box.)

    Return to the Home Screen and select the Mail application to send an email to yourself to verify that send and receive are working.