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by admin last modified Feb 08, 2015 12:40 AM

SANS OUCH! for February:  Staying Secure on the Road

This month's newsletter is loaded with gems each of which deserves its own newsletter. One topic stands out - encryption - that does have its own OUCH newsletter. - Ned Schumann

In this newsletter, we will cover how you can securely connect to the Internet and get things done while traveling.


While your network at home or at work may be secure, you should always assume that any network you connect to when you travel is untrustworthy. You never know who else is on it and what threats they may pose. Some simple pre-travel measures can go a long way towards protecting your data while you travel. Take these precautions one or two weeks before your trip:

Identify what data you do not need on the devices you are bringing with you and then remove any unneeded information. This can significantly help reduce the impact if your devices are lost, stolen or impounded by customs or border security staff.

For international travel, check what type of power connectors the country uses. You may need to get an adapter for charging your devices. In addition, check what service plan you have for your phone with your mobile service provider. Often, service providers charge high rates for international data usage; you may want to disable your cellular data capabilities while traveling internationally or change your service plan for international travel.

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