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by admin last modified Feb 04, 2016 10:29 PM

Little Free Library on Spruce St
On dog walk we discovered the gem shown above. Isn't this the neighborhood we all want - sharing, trusting and the offer of good will?
Questions abound. Who painted the blue mermaid scene on the side? That story's origin? How often are books exchanged? Do people leave notes? How long has the library been there?
The invitation to linger is a bench to sit on, water for the dog and reading glasses on the bottom shelf. What a neighborhood to call home!  —Ned Schumann

SANS OUCH! for February - Securing Your Home Network
Several years ago, home networks were relatively simple. They were usually nothing more than a wireless accesspoin t and computer or two used for surfing the Internet, online shopping, or gaming. However, home networks have become increasingly complex. We now connect  far more devices to these networks and use them for more than just web browsing or consuming media. In this newsletter, we cover how you can create a secure network at home for you and your family.

Your Wireless Network
Almost every home network starts with a wireless network (sometimes called a Wi-Fi network). This is what enables  you to wirelessly connect any of your devices to the Internet, from laptops and tablets to gaming consoles and  televisions. Most home wireless networks are controlled by your Internet router, which is the device your Internet  service provider installed in your house to connect you to the Internet.  However, in some cases, your wireless  network may be controlled by a separate system called a wireless access point, which connects to your Internet router. Regardless which one your wireless network uses, they both work the same way: by broadcasting wireless signals. The different devices in your house connect to your wireless network via these signals. From there, these devices can then connect to the Internet, as well as any other devices on your home network. This means securing your wireless network is a key part of protecting your home. We recommend the following steps to secure it:

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