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by admin last modified Nov 23, 2015 04:33 AM

Port Townsend in the Dark
Early in the evening of November 15th Port Townsend lost power during a wind storm. That evening served as a micro introduction to The Big One. On the preceding Saturday, the Jefferson Land Trust held a fund raiser at QUUF in Port Townsend titled 'Surviving the Really Big One'. One of the speakers was Bob Hamlin. A three minute excerpt of his thirty minute talk may be found here. We hope to see a video of the entire presentation on the JLT site.

The image is abnormally bright owing to its thirty second exposure and the reflected Seattle night light.

Thoughts on November's OUCH!
I'm impressed by OUCH's stamina. Month after month OUCH! brings us relevant counsel in readable language. I was unaware that "Some credit card providers give you the option of notifying you by email or text messages every time a charge is made to your card or when charges exceed a set amount". Think of OUCH! as your free Risk Assessment consultant. OUCH! informs and you choose what's important and what's not. —Ned Schumann

SANS OUCH! for November - Shopping Online Securely
The holiday season is close upon us and soon millions of people around the world will be looking to buy the perfect gifts. Many of us will choose to shop online in search of a great deal and avoid long lines and impatient crowds. Unfortunately, this is also a criminal’s favorite time of the year to commit online or financial fraud. This month, we explain the dangers of shopping online and ways you can protect yourself.

Fake Online Stores
While most online stores are legitimate, some are not; they are fake websites set up by criminals. Criminals create these fake websites by copying the look of or using the name of well-known stores. They then use these websites to prey on people who are looking for the best deal possible. When you search online for the absolute lowest prices, you may directed to one of these fake websites...

Your Computer/Mobile Device
In addition to shopping at legitimate websites, you want to ensure your computer or mobile device is secure. Cyber criminals will try to infect your devices so they can harvest your bank accounts, credit card information and passwords. Take the following steps to keep your devices secured...

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