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by admin last modified Oct 05, 2015 05:22 PM

Thoughts on October's OUCH!
When you've seen the light it's easy to proselytize. That's hard for others to swallow, so I won't. But I'd like to. All OlympusNet staff members live out of their password managers. When you call for support, ask why. —Ned Schumann

SANS OUCH! for October - Password Managers
One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself online is to use a unique, strong password for each of your accounts. Unfortunately, most of us have so many accounts that it’s almost impossible to remember all of our passwords. A simple solution is to use a password manager, sometimes called a password vault. These applications are designed to securely store your login credentials. Moreover, they can make it much easier for you to log into websites, mobile apps and other applications.

How Password Managers Work

A password manager acts like a digital safe; it securely stores your usernames, passwords and other sensitive information. When a website requires you to login to your account, the password manager can automatically retrieve your password and securely log you into the website. This makes it simple to have hundreds of unique, strong passwords, since you do not have to remember them.

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