Email FAQs

  1. Mail settings
    1. Incoming (POP, IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers:
      1. For accounts:
      2. For (domain) accounts:
    2. Ports
      1. POP: 995 (ssl) preferred, 110 allowed
      2. IMAP: 993 (ssl) preferred, 143 allowed
      3. SMTP: 587 preferred, 25 allowed, 465 allowed. The latest version of Outlook 2016 requires port 465 using SSL/TLS as the security option; port 587 can be used with STARTTLS. Port 465 is allowed for versions of Thunderbird. Android devices may also require SMTP port 465.

  2. New email account limits: 25 emails can be sent in the first 24 hours after an account is activated. For up to two weeks, the limit is 250 per day, after which 500 per day can be sent.

  3. Mail Lists
    1. Mass emailing is not supported. We recommend using an email list service such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact. If the following limits are exceeded, the servers will suspend privileges for sending mail for 24 hours:
      1. The maximum number of emails per day is 500. (See number 2 for new account limits.)
      2. Keep lists to 40 recipients and send groups ten to twenty minutes apart to avoid getting flagged as spamming.
    2. The account will be blocked from sending email if any recipient marks the email as spam.

  4. If email is sent using OlympusNet’s SMTP server it will be digitally signed so that the receiving SMTP server can detect changes in the content of the email as well as some of the headers. In addition, the receiving email server can detect that it was sent by an OlympusNet SMTP server. In short, OlympusNet sends email using SPF and DKIM.