Domain Website FTP Settings

Host Name or Server

The Host or Server is the name of your domain, for instance, In your FTP client, it may called one of the following names: Host Name, Host/URL, Host, Connect to or Server.


The Username is the same as the Host Name (, or you may have set up other FTP user names with the Domain Admin Control Panel’s FTP Manager tool.


The Port through which FTP connections are executed


Your administrator password or FTP user password, if different


For administrator FTP access, use these settings:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 21
  • Username:
  • Password: use your administrator password

For newly activated hosting service, for Server/Hostname enter, instead of When the website is ready to go public, OlympusNet activates the DNS and will let you know when that happens. Thereafter, use the settings for administrator FTP access as shown above.

For non-administrator FTP user, use these settings:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 21
  • Username: the username created in the FTP Manager tool
  • Password: the password associated with your FTP username

Note that SFTP is also available.

See also Domain Website Directory Structure.