Setup Windows 10 Mail

The purpose of this page is to describe how to set up a new email account to work with OlympusNet email servers.

During the account setup, you’ll be asked to choose between POP and IMAP. The choice matters. If you’re not clear on the difference, see POP or IMAP?

  1. Click on the Windows banner in the lower left.
  2. If you do not see the block that says Mail, instead select All apps just above the banner icon. Both are outlined in red in the screenshot below.
    All apps

  3. Select Mail, or All Apps and then Mail.
  4. Click on Accounts, then Add account.
    Add Account

  5. From the options select Advanced setup. *Note: the scroll bar is invisible unless moused over. The OlympusNet account works only with the Advanced setup options. If necessary, click on one of the options, then use the tab key on the keyboard to reach Advanced Setup.

  6. For Add an account, select Internet email.

    Internet Email

  7. The two screenshots below shows what to enter into the fields. Again, use the tab key to tab from field to field during set up, as the hidden and erratic scroll bar is quite awkward.
    Email Address [enter email address]
    User name [enter email address again]
    Password [enter email password]
    Account name [enter Olympus, or if you are setting up more than one OlympusNet address, enter janedoe Olympus]
    Send message using this name [enter preferred name, first and last, or nickname, etc.]
    Incoming mail server:
    Enter for
    Enter for

    Account Incoming

  8. For Account type see POP or IMAP? to decide which is best for you.
    For Outgoing (SMTP) email server:
    Enter for
    Enter for
    All four of the following checkboxes should be checked, then click Sign In. Outgoing Server

  9. Click the Done button if you get the message that the account was set up successfully.
  10. Click on Go to Inbox, unless you have additional accounts to add.

    Go to Inbox

  11. The view of your Inbox appears like the screenshot below:

    Inbox View After Setup

  12. The best way to test that your email account is working is to send email from yourself to yourself.