Setup Outlook 2016

The purpose of this page is to describe how to set up a new email account to work with OlympusNet email servers.

There are two versions of Outlook 2016. If the screenshot below does not match what you see, go to setup Outlook 2013, which is nearly identical to the other version of Outlook 2016.

1. If the screenshot below is what you see when you launch Outlook 2016 for the first time, this document will help.
Advanced Options v1708

2. Enter the email address you want to set up, then select Advanced Options from the dropdown menu. Check the checkbox Let me set up my account manually and select Connect.
Manual setup

3. Select POP. Advanced users may use IMAP.
Pop 1708

4. The screenshot below shows the correct data to enter into the fields for an POP account. Details continue following the screenshot.
Outlook Settings

5. Under Incoming Mail, for the Server name:

  1. Enter for an account (e.g.,
  2. Enter if you are setting up domain email (e.g.,
6. If using POP, the Port number should be 995. For IMAP, 993.
7. Use SSL/TLS for the Encryption Method.
8. Do not check the Require Logon… checkbox.
9. For Outgoing Mail, the Server shall again be:
  1. Enter for an account (e.g.,
  2. Enter if you are setting up domain email (e.g.,
10. Enter 465 for the Outgoing Server Port. Set the Encryption method to SSL/TLS . [Port 587 can be used if the Encryption method is set to STARTTLS.]
11. Enter the email password and select Connect.
Enter Password

12. Uncheck Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone and select OK. setup Complete

To change a password or other changes in an account already set up, see Modify Outlook 2016.