Setup Thunderbird Email

The purpose of this page is to describe how to set up a new email account in Thunderbird to work with OlympusNet email servers.

  1. The wizard will open automatically when Thunderbird is opened for the first time. Select Next.
  2. If you have another email program on your system, the Import Wizard dialog box may open. Verify that Don’t import anything is selected (unless you are sure that you do want to import the settings), and select Next.
  3. In the Mail Account Setup, enter Your name (Jane Doe, or Sally Smith, for example), Email address and Password. Select the checkbox Remember Password below the entry fields. Select the Configure Manually button.
    Configure Manually

  4. Protocol option: OlympusNet recommends changing the default protocol selection of IMAP to POP as explained in POP or IMAP?
    For an email address using the POP protocol, enter the settings shown in the screenshot below. Read the text following the screenshot for additional options for IMAP and/or Domain email users.
    Thunderbird Settings

  5. Follow the text below for the appropriate settings for your account.
    1. For email (, enter for Hostname in both Incoming Server and Outgoing Server section.
    2. For email in your own domain (, enter for Hostname.
    3. For both account types:
      1. For Incoming Port using POP3 protocol, enter 995. For the Outgoing Port using POP3, enter 465. If using IMAP, enter 993 for Incoming and 465 for Outgoing.
      2. For SSL, select SSL/TLS for both Incoming/Outgoing.
      3. For Authentication method, select Normal password.
      4. The Username for both Incoming and Outgoing MUST be the full email address ( or
      5. Select Done when finished.

To make updates or corrections to a saved account, see Modify Thunderbird Email .