Blocked and Allowed Senders

This document describes how to access the Block and Allow Senders lists in OlympusNet Webmail. Add entries to Allow list for senders from whom you want to receive email if they are going to the spam folder. Add entries to the Block list for unwanted spam reaching the Inbox.

First, learn how to look at the headers of email or spam in order to write effective entries for the Block and/or Allow List using the document Email Headers. The automatic selection of block or allow sender in Webmail menu options is not writing the kind of rules that work.

  1. Log in to Webmail with your email address and password.
  2. Select Settings in the black ribbon on the left. Select Spam Settings.
  3. Consult the Email Headers document above to get information from the email headers.
  4. Add entries to the Allowed Sender list, or the Blocked Sender list, and select Save. The screenshot below shows the entry from the blocked sender discussed in the Email Headers document.
    Blocked and Allowed Senders