OlympusNet Webmail Mailbox Full

OlympusNet email (@olympus.net accounts) is limited to 5GB of storage. Email sent to a full mailbox will bounce back to the sender with an error message that the destination mailbox is full and won’t be delivered. Warnings are sent by email to OlympusNet customers when their mailbox reaches 90% of capacity.

Those warnings are sent without a link and have a different appearance than other emails sent by the mail server. If in doubt about how full the mailbox is, log into Webmail and look for the size gauge at the bottom of the Inbox’s email address column.

Accounts set up using POP will download email from the server to the device, typically deleting the email after one week. That period may be changed in the desktop POP settings to one day, one week, one month or never.

If email is set up using IMAP, email is stored on the server. IMAP users must keep up with deletions manually, or use rules to automatically move email from the Inbox to local folders.

The difference between POP and IMAP is described at POP or IMAP? .

For help on deleting mail, see Delete Email From Server .