iOS 15 - Setup New Device

The purpose of this page is to describe how to set up an OlympusNet email account on an iOS device.
If you’ve earlier set up an account and run into problems or need to make changes to an existing account, go to iOS15 - Change Settings.
The instructions below are for an iPhone using IMAP. IMAP is preferred over POP for portable devices. iPads are similar.

Domain customers use wherever appears.

  1. Select the Settings icon in the Home screen, then select Mail.

  2. Consider enabling Privacy Protection for your mail.
    See: 1. Apple explanation: Use Mail Privacy Protection on iPhone.
    and: 2. YouTube explanation 1m56s-3m31s: iOS New Privacy Features.

  3. Should you wish to enable Privacy Protection, select Protect Mail Activity.
    Privacy Protection

  4. Left arrow back to the Mail dialog box and select Accounts.

  5. In the Accounts dialog box, select Add Account.

  6. In the Add Account dialog box, select Other.
    Add Account

  7. In the Add Account dialog box, select Add Mail Account.
    Add Account

  8. In the New Account dialog box, enter your name, email address, password, then select Next.
    New Account

  9. In the second New Account window, enter the fields for the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.
    All of the fields are required; none are optional.
    The Incoming and Outgoing Host Name for is:
    The Incoming and Outgoing Host Name for is:
    Tip: If you plan to set up more than one account, use the Description field to give each a different name.
    For example, for a two account setup, the first account might be Described Olympus janedoe with a second account named Olympus johndoe.
    Select Next.
    The device will verify that it can connect to both the Incoming and Outgoing (SMTP) mail servers.
    New Account

  10. If the verification was successful, a dialog box titled IMAP appears showing that the device is correctly set up for IMAP with Mail enabled.
    Select Save to save all the settings you’ve entered.
    A dialog box titled Account Added pops up and quickly disappears, replaced by the Accounts dialog box.
    Repeatedly select the left arrow to return to Settings and then the Home screen.
    Send an email to yourself from the device to verify that you can send and receive.

  11. If the verification failed, you’ll likely see an icon labeled Save or OK. Select it to preserve the settings you’ve entered and make corrections.
    If you choose to exit the Setup when you reach the dialog box titled Olympus, you can select Delete Account to erase and start over.
    Alternatively, to correct the settings you’ve already made, select Correct Unsuccessful Verification in iOS 15 Change Settings.