How to Set Global Rules for All Accounts in the Domain

  1. Go to Domain Admin Login.
  2. Enter admin@ your domain name, and the domain admin password to log in. Call OlympusNet if you do not have the credentials.
  3. See How to Access Domain Email Admin Dashboard if needed.
  4. To ensure that every email address in your domain receives email check the domain of another company, click on the top checkbox in the Email Accounts tab to add check marks to all email addresses.

    On the right side, Settings Overview, add the domain of the company to be whitelisted to all accounts in the Whitelist field in the following format: Email from any individual sender from will reach any email address to which it is sent in your company.

    (Note that the screenshot shows no email addresses. In your panel, all of your email addresses will appear after the checkboxes.)
    image of Whitelist domain

  5. After entering *, click on the Add button.
  6. Then click the Apply button.
  7. The same method applies if it is desirable to block all senders from a particular domain from reaching any email addresses in your domain. Or, you may select only the email addresses for which whitelisting or blacklisting is relevant.
  8. You may globally set the spam filtering for all accounts by checking all checkboxes, and then make the adjustment in the Settings Overview section. The screenshot above shows our recommended settings: The Junk Filter is set to Standard. The filter type is set to Quarantine (email considered spam will be put in the Webmail Spam folder). The Quarantined Spam will be deleted after one month.
  9. Options available on the More Settings button: set the time format and time zone for email accounts as viewed in Webmail.