How to Check Usage and Remove Email Stored on the Server

  1. To access the email dashboard from which an administrator can check all email accounts for usage, go to Domain Admin Login. Enter admin@ your domain name, and the domain admin password to log in. Call OlympusNet if you do not have the credentials.

  2. Click on Email Setup, then on EasyMail Setup, Launch. The interface opens in a new window.

  3. Click on the Dashboard tab on the right side of the banner.
    image of Banner

    All email accounts in a domain are listed here conveniently with Usage measured in the column following the specific email address so that an Admin can gauge which account is accumulating email on the server. At 5GB of email storage on the Server, email to the mailbox will bounce. Note: If you wish to increase the limit to 10GB or 15 GB for your domain mailboxes, contact Customer Support.

  4. In the screenshot below, the usage column shows how much email is being stored in each account. (In an actual account, the email addresses appear in each line following the check box.) If an account is above 70% usage, it is a good idea to remove email that is no longer needed on the server. Check the checkbox beside an account with high usage, and then click on the envelope under the Web column. A new tab will open in your browser in the Webmail for that account.
    image of Dashboard Email View\

  5. In Webmail, click the gear icon, and select Data Usage. The folders containing the most email can be determined.

    Data Usage

  6. Close the Data Usage window, then click the envelope in the dark gray sidebar. Find the folder(s) that needs attention and either click on them to access email for individual deletion, or right click to empty a folder if the contents are not needed. Be sure to right click to empty the Trash folder after deleting email from other folders to reclaim space.