How to Change Password, Set Up Autoresponder, and More

Log in to the domain administration email dashboard. See How to Access Domain Email Admin Dashboard.

Following the screenshot below, several email options in the domain control panel are described that can take place from the Dashboard tab.
image of Banner
image of Dashboard Options

  1. On the Email Accounts tab, click the box beside the email you wish to modify.
  2. Click the Alias Accounts tab to modify accounts to which an Alias is directed.
  3. Following the checkboxes are each email account in the domain.
  4. Under the Usage heading is the percentage of email being stored on the server for that account.
  5. Under Junk Filter the spam setting filter is shown. Standard is recommended, unless you are sure you want more spam filtered out and are willing to go to the Junk Folder in Webmail occasionally to check for legitimate email getting filtered into Junk.
  6. Junk Action describes whether you are having spam quarantined, the recommended setting as shown in the screenshot, or one of the other options.
  7. Under Web you may click on the envelope to access Webmail for the selected account.
  8. In the Settings Overview side of actions you may change the email account Password by clicking on Change. Update the password to a new one, then click Apply.
  9. Changes to the spam filters may be made in the Settings Overview actions.
  10. Whitelisting or blacklisting may be made for specific email addresses or email domains.
  11. Forwarding email addressed to the selected account may be selected: be sure to check the checkbox “Keep copy of message” if a copy should also go to the original account.
  12. Click Apply if any of the settings are updated.
  13. Clicking on the More Settings button to access: more configurations for spam filtering, the autoresponder for the account, Webmail settings and Message Rules.
  14. Setting up an auto reply on an individual domain email address can also be done using Domain Webmail. See Auto Reply.
    Admins may set them using this panel by clicking on Add Autoresponder to open the detail fields on the right. Select the options for Respond only if, add your message and click Apply.
    image of Autoresponder