Domain Email FAQs

Q: How much email can I store on the server?
A: Email to an account will bounce if you have 5 Gigabytes of email on the server. It is best to archive email in your desktop application to avoid great accumulation on the server.

Q:What are the password requirements and character limits?
A: See Domain Password Requirements.

Q: What are the daily limits on the number of emails that can be sent?
A: The limits for a 24 hour period are:

Desktop - 500 recipients
Webmail - 250 recipients

If an account sends 500 emails, it will be blocked until it reaches the end of its 24 hour period. For mailing lists, we recommend MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Q: If an account is blocked because of sending spam, when will it be unblocked?
A: Spam is usually detected because email is sent from multiple logins usually from multiple countries. We then ask the account owner to scan the computer for malware before we change the account’s password and unblock it. If that account also reached the daily sending limit, the 24 hour block limit applies.

Q: Why are the account block rules so stringent?
A: ISPs that are branded as spammers pay a heavy price by having their outbound email tagged as spam by monitoring organizations such as SpamCop and Spamhaus. It is time consuming to unwind such tagging.