Spam Management

Follow these steps to block specific email addresses or add addresses to the Trusted Senders.

  1. Log in to Webmail.
  2. Click on the Gear Icon in the margin.
  3. Click on Spam in the margin as shown on the screenshot below.
    • Standard is the highest level of filtering.
    • Selecting Quarantine is recommended, so legitimate email can be recovered from the Spam folder.
    • Legitimate email addresses that have gone to the Spam folder should be entered in the Trusted Senders list, then click the +. To add an entire domain to your Whitelist, follow the protocol of format in this example: * to whitelist all email from the domain. (It will show as, and block all senders from
    • Click Save in the upper right after any changes.
      Spam Prefs
  4. Spam that reaches the inbox:
    • Check the checkbox beside the Spam in the inbox. Click the Folder Icon above and select Spam from the dropdown list. Or,
    • Add that address to the Blocked Senders list by clicking the (-) icon to the left of the garbage can, and select Add to Blocked Senders list.
      Domain Add to Blocked
  5. For filtering options or to create Mail Rules that send emails to specific folders, click on the Gear Icon, then click on Message Filters from the navigation margin.
  6. Click the arrows to show the adjustable options for forming rules.
  7. Click Add after forming your Mail Rule.
    Message Filters