Add Address to Allowed Sender List

This Document shows what to do if email you want is getting marked as spam and going into your Spam folder.

  1. Log in to Webmail with your email address and password.

  2. Click on the Spam folder under the Inbox in Webmail to view spam filtered out by OlympusNet filtering. Items in the Spam folder will not be sent to your computer. If desired email is in the Spam folder, right-click on the email. From the pop-up menu, hover over …More until the second menu appears and select Allow Sender. This will automatically add the email address to the Allowed Senders list and email from the address will not go to the Spam folder in the future. Allow Sender

  3. Check the checkbox beside the email, then click Not Spam in the gray band at the top to send the email to the inbox.

    Not Spam

  4. If you want to download the email to your computer, right-click the email, hover over Mark from the menu, and select Mark as Unread. The next time you click send/receive email or get email on the computer, it will download.

    Mark Unread