Setup OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12 Mail

The purpose of this page is to describe how to set up a new email account to work with OlympusNet email servers.

If email fails after the account has been created, see the 15 minute video Troubleshoot Email Settings Video Walkthrough - OS X.

  1. Click on the Apple Menu and select System Preferences.
    image of System Preferences

  2. In the 3rd row of icons, click on Internet Accounts.
    image of Internet Accounts

  3. At the bottom of a long list of possible account types, click on Add Other Account.
    image of Add Other Account

  4. Look through the list and select Mail account.
    image of Mail Account

  5. Fill in your name as you wish it to appear to others, your email address and your email password, then click Sign In.
    image of Sign In

  6. On the next dialog box, as long as your email address is complete in the Email Address field, you need not fill in the User Name. Select POP, unless you are familiar with IMAP and prefer to use it. Fill in the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server fields with:
    1. for addresses
    2. for addresses in your domain, e.g.,
  7. Unable to verify account name of password is always shown and seems to mean nothing - ignore it. Click Sign In and the account will verify and then be ready to go if no typos were made.
    image of Servers Setup