Modify macOS Thunderbird

Note: Thunderbird does not have a password field in the settings once an account has been set up. If your email password has been changed, simply close Thunderbird. When Thunderbird is reopened, it will open with a password prompt. Enter the new password, check the checkbox Use Password Manager to remember this password and click OK.

The purpose of this page is to show where to find the settings for an existing email account, if a setting needs to be changed to work with OlympusNet servers. If the email is working, nothing needs to be changed.

  1. To change settings in Thunderbird, click your email address above the inbox to highlight it, then click on Account Settings far to the right beside a gear icon.
    Account Settings

  2. Under your email address, click on Server Settings in the navigation panel. The example in the screenshot outlined in the red rectangle below shows the correct settings for an email address using the POP protocol. In the section below the rectangle additional options for POP accounts show.

    See the text below the screenshot for the settings for all account types: POP, IMAP, and Domain email accounts.

  3. The text below describes correct incoming mail settings for all account types.
    1. For email ( using POP or IMAP:
      1. Enter in the Server Name field.
      2. Port 995 using POP, or port 993 using IMAP
      3. Connection Security for both: SSL/TLS
      4. Authentication method for both: Normal Password
      5. User Name should be full email address (
    2. For email in your own domain (
      1. Enter in the Server Name field.
      2. Connection Security: SSL/TLS
      3. Port 995 using POP, or port 993 using IMAP
      4. Authentication method: Normal Password
      5. User Name must be full email address (
      6. Click OK when finished.
  4. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the navigation panel. Click on the account name in the white box to the right. Note that the settings for the account shows below, Details of selected server. If something needs to be changed, click the Edit button on the right.
  5. In the Details section in the screenshot below, the settings are correct for email. For domain email users the Server Name should instead be, and the email address your domain email address (e.g.
    Outgoing Settings

  6. In the screenshot at step 2, note the button at the bottom of the navigation panel, Account Actions. The account can be deleted, change default account, or add a new account using this button.
    Account Actions

  7. To Add an additional account, tap Add Mail Account, then refer to Setup Macintosh Thunderbird .