Modify macOS 10.12 - 10.14 Mail

The purpose of this page is to describe how to change settings on an existing email account with OlympusNet email.

  1. Open the Mail application and click on the word Mail to the right of the Apple in the upper left corner of the screen. Then select Preferences.
    Apple Mail Prefs

  2. Click on the Accounts icon. To edit an existing account, click the account in the Accounts list to highlight it, e.g., Olympus in in the screenshot below.
  3. The Account Information tab: How long to store email on the server. To add a new account, click the plus in the vertical white panel on the left above the + and - symbols.
    Account Info

  4. The Mailbox Behaviors tab: The options here regard handling Junk and Deleted email.
    Mailbox Behaviors

  5. The Server Settings tab: Change passwords for both Incoming and Outgoing Servers if your email account password has been changed. The Port settings shown are for POP. For IMAP the Port settings are 143 for Incoming and 587 for Outgoing.
    Server Settings

  6. If there is still a problem sending email, look at the Account button immediately below Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP). Does the name seem to match the account? (I.e., we often name the Outgoing Server for “janedoe out” as shown in the screenshot. If it is already selected, then that is not the problem.
  7. Next, if still troubleshooting, click on janedoe out beside the Account button, as shown on the next screenshot. From a new pop up menu, select Edit SMTP Server List.
    Edit SMTP Server List

  8. The screenshot below shows the outgoing servers. Notice in the white box at the top there are two Server names. One is used by “Office”, the other is used by Jane Doe. The settings shown in the bottom half of the screenshot for Jane Doe look correct. But if the account labeled office out is no longer in use it may cause problems. Also, it is not using the preferred Host name, and that could cause a problem. Highlight the Office account in the white box at the top and try updating the Host Name to in the bottom half of the window, or, if the account is no longer active, highlight the Office account and then click the (-) button under the white box to remove it. Note: never click the (-) button on the top page of the accounts, or all the email is deleted. In the SMTP Servers dialog box, it is only an outgoing server setting being deleted.
    SMTP Servers