iOS 14 - Change Settings

The following steps provide guidance for changing email settings in iOS 14 in an established account. That change might be to an email password or server name. To add another email account, select Add Account (shown in the Step 2 screenshot), then follow Setup New Device.

  1. Select Settings from the Home screen, then select Mail. Select Accounts.

  2. Select the OlympusNet account that needs a change.
    Select Account

  3. A change of password or a correction to a Host Name requires the change to be made in both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server. Make the changes for Incoming Mail Server, then scroll down to SMTP and select the arrow to the right of the server name.
    Edit Incoming

  4. Under Primary Server, select the arrow to the right of On.
    Primary Server

  5. Make the same changes that were made to the Incoming Mail Server.
    All fields must have entries. When finished, select Done in the upper right.
    Edit Outgoing

  6. The changes to the account will go through a Verifying cycle. If there is a typo, it will not succeed. Double-check all the spellings for both Incoming and Outgoing. If you spot no typos, retype the password in both Incoming and Outgoing fields, and again select Done to Verify.

  7. Double-check for a Save button, if there are no errors. (Sometimes there is no Save prompt, but it still saves.) Test Mail in iOS Mail by sending email to yourself.

Other Options

  1. Delete Account: If the account is to be deleted, Select Settings > Mail > Accounts (Step 1 screenshot):
    Delete Account

  2. Advanced Options: After selecting the account to get into the settings, Advanced appears below the SMTP option (see screenshot at step 3). The screenshot below shows the Advanced options.