Disable UPnP in DSL Modems

See UPnP Alert

The following modems should have UPnP disabled:

ZyXEL Models C1000Z, PK5001Z, PK5000Z
Actiontec Models C2000A, C1000A, Q2000, PK5000, Q1000, M1000

Please follow steps below to disable UPnP. (The screenshots may not look exactly like your modem, but should guide you to the right location to disable UPnP.)

  1. Open a web browser and go to
    image of Browser

    If the modem you are using has an admin username and password, remember that you can find that login on the sticker on the underside of your modem. Type in your details and click Apply to access the other settings.
    image of Admin Details

  2. Click on the Advanced Setup icon.
    image of Advanced Setup

  3. Locate the Security section in the left hand column and click on UPnP.
    image of Security

  4. Set the UPnP state to Disable.
    image of Set UPnP

  5. Click Apply to save.