DSL Modem Recommendation

OlympusNet recommends buying DSL modems directly from CenturyLink. Their sales desk can be reached at 800.244.1111.

If you have DSL connection service with OlympusNet, be careful to insist that all you want is the modem. Calls to CenturyLink trigger their sales staff to talk the caller into accepting a CenturyLink package. That results in switching the OlympusNet customer to being a CenturyLink customer without making that switch clear.

Why purchase the CenturyLink modem? Because, while OlympusNet techs may be able to get another brand of modem/router configured to work, if it fails at some point in the future we may not be able to troubleshoot it. The techs have CenturyLink modems to test, but do not have any of the hundreds of other options. Likewise, CenturyLink tech support will only go so far if you’re using a non-CenturyLink DSL modem.